Friday, July 25, 2008

From Barcelona, With Love

As I draw from my background in acting, marketing, and just watching way too much of movies and television than is healthy in general, I journeyed to Barcelona with an open mind, ready to receive any and all media this city had in store for me. Also, because of all of the above, I was ready to be highly critical of any attempts to sucker me into being a new customer for the product at hand. Needless to say, whilst improving my Spanish proficiency against the fact that the host family I was staying with rarely spent more than 20 minutes in the house without the TV on, I was certainly not disappointed with these hilarious commercials I knew had to be Spain-only advertisements.

Martini: "Toro"

Colhogar: "Momento Colhogar"

Primitiva: "Perro Pancho Primitiva"

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